Flagstone Pathways And It’s Versus

If you’re a homeowner who looking to add a pathway to your patio, garden or yard, Flagstone might just be your Ideal choice. Well to better explain, let’s just use an analogy: Pavement VS Flagstone ~ IKEA VS Handcrafted.

❍ Flagstone’s come into a variety of natural material;


Sandstone,image from Pixabay


Limestone,image from Pixabay


Granite, image from Pixabay


Slate,image from Pixabay


Quartzite, from selectstone.com

❍ There are many benefits such as;

Slip-resistant even when wet, durable and resistant to high heat to the extreme cold. A professional installation to ensure the bedding is properly and firmly done and your flagstone will be set for decades without cracking, moving or bending.

❍ Nothing is perfect so of course there is a few draw-backs.

Flagstone installation is hard work, but mostly for your expert contractor! Preparing the sand and gravel bed for flagstone, individual stones with a different size by several inches and vary by weight. Thus, in order to have a perfect level finished patio designs that will stand the test of time, the mark of a connoisseur contractor is preferable.


❍ Pavement or concrete can be;

Dyed, textured and stamped while curing. For example some designs will stamp geometric shapes, wooden planks or textures to imitate natural stone or brick. Unlike flagstone, pavement & concrete is a complete flat and solid surface, the growth of weeds is unlikely to occur.

❍ Your draw backs are;

Stress fractures from weathering, roughness of the concrete created to make it a non-slip surface can be truly armful if someone is to trip’n fall. If you decide to change your patio design or expand your home, concrete/pavement offers no lineage, you can’t simply make room by removing or adding a few flagstones.

To summarize, both flagstone and concrete offer customization to fit your space and your taste. It truly all comes down to your preference and budget.

❰Frebetoa Mosaics latest flagstone pathway.❱

Most people rather not have their house displayed on the internet. Respecting Ones privacy is a primordial at Frebetoa Mosaics. We will always ask you first if you want your home as a feature on our website.

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