Custom Mosaic Serving Tray

A specialty item, often requested for special occasion such as birthdays, wedding present or simply for displaying articles. Such as plants, beauty products and of course a truly unique & beautiful item to be serving food with.

Salons, restaurants, flower shops, etc. all seeking uniqueness and unconventional methods to display their Brand Logo, family Crests or custom pattern/picture/design.

Serving tray templates can be custom built with your dimensions.

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We do believe in re-purposing, thus refurbishing (sanitizing, sanding, polishing) an item that as been discarded for no apparent reasons is doing a good deed for the environment and economizing you the cost of a new-built.

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In re-purposing, there are ceramic and few types of metal trays that does not require any alterations but only sanitation.

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Your interest is understandable, if the need of being unique is valuable to you, hereby possessing something that is marked by your taste and with your signature is what you will gain and secure. For that may be the case, a mosaic will last you a lifetime, and maybe even for your generation that will follow.

❰Choose your tray template and your personal design.❱

Please, don’t hesitate to connect with us, we are happy to answer your questions and we will gladly provide you with a plan tailored to your needs and that will secure you your own specialized custom mosaic article.

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