About us

Our mission:

 “For the love of creativity and self expression and coming from an artistic background along with personal design education has driven me to finally use an ancient art form. Years ago I stumbled upon mosaics and loved the intricacy, hard work, and creative design that goes behind each unique creation.

 After dabbling with and studying composition techniques of mosaics I became inspired to create some of my own works.  My ambitious and very creative wife and I decided that there must be people that appreciate this timeless, long lasting and beautiful art.

Our focus is to take people’s ideas and turn them into unique installations in a variety of methods that can either make them stand out from the normal tiling work or immortalize images or designs close to them.

Our business is built on working close with the client to make sure that all aspects of the design are met; from image, colors, and application to ensure the finished piece is what you wanted.”

~Tim Simard, Co-Owner of Frebetoa Mosaics


Frebetoa Mosaics extended features, we want to help you at any property maintenance; carpentry, painting, fencing, flooring, renovation & installation. Allowing you more precious time doing what you love with your friends and your loved ones.  Simply reach out to us and book your weekend!

To help inspire you, please visit “Tile Art & Co.” and also our “Projects” page!

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