Renovation Treasure

 What you do not expect to find in renovations!

It was on the very first day in the masking elements of renovation. When floors, debris and old wood are being ripped of this aged bathroom, do you not expect anything but mold and bad surprises. In this case, in a 150 year old house, this was an unforeseen surprise of a gold fish inlay.

Made out of an antique mesh and vinyl composite floor, cut out and perfectly integrated into the unity of the floor. This fish design dates back to the 1930’s, ended up being hidden under the sub floor and forgotten for us to find. It is fascinating the little the art piece but yet such a strange connection to the past history of this home.


Could it be the design of a one of our great Canadian artist? Maybe a signature for a bigger hidden golden design? Why only a single fish in the center of this washroom floor? Which is quite unusual to see this kind of design, without any  rhythm or pattern style.

Make note that most antique home possesses a secret for you to discover. Finding a piece of it made us feel like kids looking for a treasure under a stone!1fish-floor