How To Maintain It, Or Lose It!

Family, friends and love growth, healthy home

Life changes when you own a home, when you have no landlord to answer to.

Home is where family gathers, friends meet and love grows, though for a healthy growth a home requires crucial care and maintenance.

➡ It is crucial for homeowners to care and maintain your property, especially if you’re looking to market or harbor the near future. As it is with a vehicle and any other assets, a minor investment in maintenance and care can help you avoid larger bills further  on for extensive repairs.  Thus, the importance of property maintenance.

➡ Home maintenance can be applied to several location no matter which construction or style. Although the building materials of the house require the style of maintenance that applies, for example for a brick house with or without basement or for a wooden house with or without basement. To maintain a home, whether or not you are a buyer or you are buying your third home, It is of great importance due to the effect of poor maintenance.


➡ The most considerable feature in selling homes is the property’s condition, and also the interior and the exterior state of the home itself. Including the heating and or air conditioning, the electrical, the paint,  the siding and general image of the home arbitrate how fast and easily the home shall sell on available market. For a homeowner, pretty much everything is preventive, unless it’s a Tornado that sucked-off your roof!

➡ Some singleton love the yard maintenance such as bedecking the lawn and caring for the hedgerow or other plant life they may have entrenched. As a homeowner, and as recent homeowner, goods such as new paint or enhancing light accessories are goods that can be accomplished altogether without the use of professional maintenance. It is time such as these when we begin to appreciate what our parents went through and puts in perspective that owning a home can be overwhelming, if you are new as an owner.


➡ Nonetheless, there is that honorable feeling one appropriates when they grasp the How to keep their home in stupendous state. Be that as it may, the style of home maintenance will differ if you live in a townhouse. There’s no yard work and there’s an association that accommodates the maintenance needs of the building for both the exterior and the commonplace interior. In the occurrence where you are a homeowner there are home-hardware stores that offer workshops on the bearing of home maintenance.

➡ Rent a home, your landlord is responsible for repairs. Own a home, you are responsible for maintenance and repairs. Indeed, maintaining your home may take more time and be more expensive than you think. Your household budget should include money for both periodic maintenance and emergency repairs.You may need to replace a furnace or your roof may spring a leak. Even the expense of minor repairs can tally.


➡ Either you move into a new or older home, it’s primordial to know how everything in your house works, including the heating system, plumbing, electricity and large appliances. In case of an emergency, one must know how to cut off the gas and water supply. You must also be aware of where the main electrical switch and the fuse box are located and how It work.

➡ A home inspector can provide you with the necessary information. Prior to close on the purchase of your home, you can hire a home inspector to check the structural and mechanical condition of the home and give you a written report on it. A convenient plan would be to make a list of questions for the inspector and to log the answers down.


➡ It’s important that you maintain the condition of your home to ensure the comfort and safety of your family and to protect the value of your property. Of course, this will require both money and time.

➡ Formulate a plan for home maintenance costs:

❶ Allocate time and money. Once you move into your new home, you will need to ensure you plan for financial commitments and time to maintain and improve your property, such as lawn care, annual pipeline and deck cleaning.
❷ Plan in advance for extensive purchases and home improvements. Get to know your roof, It’s another significant feature that will need replacement in a few years, be sure to make this part of your spending plan now.
❸ Take inventory periodically of your home’s roof, decks, appliances, etc. Take notice of the age of certain features, when warranties end and when some replacement are recommended by the manufacturers.
❹ Keep your insurance up to date and active. You’ll have the protection you need for serious damage or a disaster by maintaining a suitable sum of homeowner’s insurance (generally the cost to rebuild your home if damaged or destroyed).

❮ Maintain and care for your home. It is a crucial responsibility as a homeowner and will likely prevent expensive problems from emerging, deliver a positive impact on your life and on your home’s overall value. ❯

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