9 Ingenious, Energy-Efficient Building Materials For A Greener Future

The strive for more energy-efficient buildings will always comes down to the quest for better structures that keeps out Mother Nature’s weathering elements.

Recycling is not a luxury or a fashion but a necessity, which comes from a very simple observation: we live in a limited world. Contrary to what we have believed for a long time, our human activity is not infinitely develop-able because it is limited in terms of energy, natural resources, space or simply the capacity to adapt nature.

From this observation and this awareness must result a behavior which, basically is based on the respect we have of ourselves and therefore of nature (to be spared and not to be managed). Recycling, reuse, reclamation or recovery are behaviors that minimize the energy used, maximize the use of materials, reduce the risk of pollution at the time of manufacture, use Or disposal of these materials.

❶Recycled Steel

You might want to skip the wood beams when building your next house.

Video by “recyclemetalsorg” YouTube

❷Insulating Concrete Forms

Imagine a house built using a construction technology known for its strength, warmth, comfort as well as its sound and weather resistance.

Video by “FabFormIndustries” YouTube

❸Straw bale houses

Research shows that straw-bale construction is a sustainable method for building, from the viewpoint of both materials and energy needed for heating and cooling.

Video by “StrawBaleTV” YouTube


Invented by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2006, is an environmental friendly brick made from recycled materials and construction waste. Eco Block are energy efficient and up to 100% stronger than a conventional concrete block wall and have maintained structural integrity in real natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and fires.

Video by “The Hong Kong Polytechnic University” YouTube

❺Cool Roofing

Amazing benefits; reduce local air temperatures Lower peak electricity demand, which can help prevent power outages. Also reduce power plant emissions, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and nitrous oxides, by reducing cooling energy use in buildings.

Video by “The University of Melbourne” YouTube

❻Recycled Wood/Plastic Composite Lumber

A composite deck will last longer and doesn’t require the annual application of stain and/or seal and the environmental impact of composite decking can be minimized by planning all cuts to minimize scrap and by carefully capturing the sawdust.

Video by “Fiberon Composite Decking” YouTube

❼Low-E Windows

Energy-efficient windows are actually made to neutralize the effects of changing weather on the inside of your home. They are helping to keep a constant temperature longer so your heating systems and air-conditioning don’t have to kick-in quite so often.

Video by “Title24consultants” YouTube

❽Vacuum Insulation Panel

A vacuum insulated panel is a type of thermal insulation consisting of a gas-tight enclosure surrounding a solid core, from which the air has been evacuated. It’s used in building construction to provide better insulation performance than conventional insulation materials.

Video by “Kingspan Insulation ME” YouTube

❾Mother Earth

Applicable term is Rammed earth, it is a technique for constructing foundations, walls, and floors using natural raw materials such as earth, chalk, lime, or gravel.

Video by “CBC Arts” YouTube

Chiefly, all this also means trying to delay as much as possible the moment when an object becomes a waste. An important balance must be kept in each stage of life-extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, processing, recycling, elimination.

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