8 Videos On The World’s’ Tremendous Actions About Global Warming

The world is changing, warming up… How are we helping?

Global warming being real, we must change our habit, utilize every resources and apply these changes at home to our every day life. Technologies has evolved greatly to our advantage where as a matter of fact, a lot of countries has already applied and did so in amazing ways that they’ve open the door to resolution.

➡Let’s look at Sweden

Sweden have applied the ultimate recycling, turning Waste-To-Energy(WTE)!

The facts about Sweden’s waste. Source from The Swedish Waste Management Association.

Almost 2.3 million tonnes of household garbage in 2015 was turned into energy through burning and the same year imported more than 1.3 million tonnes of waste from Norway, the U.K., Ireland and many others.

Sweden’s first incineration plant was set up in 1904 and now 32 plants-burning waste for a long time.

Sweden incinerates 3 times more waste today but still 99% of heavy metal emission have been reduced since 1985.

WTE is not the only technology Sweden has applied to help lessen global warming’s crisis, they’ve also just opened the first ‘e-highway’.

Video by “United News International”YouTube

➡How about the UK

Engineer Toby McCartney with this idea to recycle plastic is, obviously genius when you consider that billions of tons of plastic have been made over the past decades and 91% isn’t being recycled,  truly maddening isn’t it?

Video from “BBC News” YouTube

In the hope that it’s availability become world wide and that other Countries can benefit from it.

➡France’s green Law

Way to go France! We can all agree that in order to make a huge environmental impact we need get together and all pitch in. France have passed a law that every new commercial building in France must meet a new building requirement; the roof must be at least partially covered in either solar panels or plants.

Video by “Engenheiros”YouTube

Many benefits comes with having a green rooftop includes an isolation effect to help reduce the energy needed during hot summers and cold winters. Green rooftops also retain rainwater thus reduces runoff problems. Also encouraging biodiversity by creating an ideal place for birds to nest in urban environments.

Video from “Wall Street Journal”YouTube

More and more studies are  showing that the financial and environmental benefits of green roofs, we surely hope this kind of law becomes progressively mandatory in more countries.

➡Japan is doing something better then going to the moon,

Video from “Invention TV”YouTube

This looks like science fiction but we’ll know soon enough, The Japanese space Agency (JAXA) has been working hard in order to be able to transmit wireless electricity and will be launching  orbiting solar panels by 2030. JAXA anticipating that this new tech might just become the backbone energy source of the future and concurrently will solve the environmental & energy issue.

➡Costa Rica goes 100%

June 16th 2016, Costa Rica ceased the use of fossil fuels-based energy and moved on to cleaner power sources. The country is now powered on a mix of hydro, geothermal, wind, and solar energy, with (in August 2016) hydro power providing about 80.27 percent of the total electricity.

Video by “ODN” YouTube

Granted, Costa Rica is a small piece of land with a small population but, mainly  the greatest example that a Country when fully committed to this goal, can achieve renewable energy reliance.

➡Conservation is also the key

Everything we do on the day to day basis can be tweaked a little to create a tremendous change, like; reduce (buy and use less stuff), reuse (use something over and over again before recycling, composting, or throwing it away), recycle (turn something old into something new and use any recycle bins), turn off the lights and shut the AC off when you’re not home. Get creative!!

Video by “Howcast” YouTube

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