Top 5 Go Green Technology You Can Do Today

Go green energy is here and It’s been here for a long time now, and yes incorporating It into your life Is possible and easy.

One of the main expenses that most of us face monthly and yearly is nothing but the costs of energy for everything we do & use. Such as heating & cooling, car, even the care of the lawn… Everything we do has some significant impact on your wallet and most importantly, on the environment as well.echo-go green-environment

Not to worry though, thankfully there is a multitude of energy alternatives for us to adopt that will significantly reduce or even halt our carbon footprint.  Many ways that does not require much of a change, like a big construction and installation. The numbers show that going green could even save you up to 3K/year.

❶Wind Turbine

Check it out, wind powered homes are a safe source of electricity that’s independent from utility companies. The tech used in wind powered homes has advanced plenty that folks all around the globe can and are now using It to meet most or even all of their electric needs.

Thus of course not only supporting a clean environment, but also can reduce or even eliminate your monthly bills.

There is a few important consideration to evaluate if your entertaining this option to power your home . Is your location windy enough for the turbine to be generating significant energy? Keep in mind that wind speeds on the ground aren’t the same as the speed it might be at higher height. Is your home obstructed by trees and/or building? To get this right, doing some research at this point is your Ideal. Which type of device is your best option? 

Video from “windenergynews001” Youtube.

Many kit based turbines produce enough power to offset 10-15% of your home energy costs while the pricier wind Turbines be priced up to $45,000 to buy and install but here’s the boost, It will offset almost 90% of your home energy needs. 😃

❷Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater harvesting is one truly beautiful and simple system, mechanically collects the rain water runoff from gutters and rooftop. Collecting It and simultaneously stores the water which can be used for your home irrigation, flushing toilets, washing clothes, washing cars, pressure washing, or even purified for everyday drinking water. When it comes down to prices, this one is amazingly affordable with a price range from $50 and up.

Here’s a quick overview from Dave Turner, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at St-Mary’s University, sharing the environmental benefits of rainwater harvesting.

❸Home Insulation

Well it is not really new technology but it is new knowledge coming from Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), estimating that 10% of household energy usage is around $200 a year due to energy loss from poor insulation.

Video from “ExpertMathstutor” Youtube

Yes, if you’re handy enough, This can absolutely be a DIY project or if you decide to hire a contractor, you will still get a great return on investment. The cost for this job done by a contractor truly depend on how large and how old your house is, but you’re looking at roughly between $2000-$6000.

❹Solar Panels

Solar panels have been around since 1954, but now are available more affordably for all to use. This source of power is the cleanest and surely will never run out of.

solar-panel-echo-go green-environment-affordable
This image depicts exactly how easy, available and affordable this technology is.

Of course it’s initial cost seems extreme but when you take in consideration the green energy tax credits, rebates and motives, your initial expense takes a different shape in your life. A smaller 12V solar panel cost as low as $200 while most solar panels to power your home will cost around $15K and on average it will be recouped within 5-9 years.

❺Solar Water Heater

solar-water-heater-environment-go-greenA Solar Panel isn’t always a necessity in order to utilize solar power technology. In fact a lot of folks tackle this as a DIY project. The cost associated with the installation of such a device is quickly compensated comparing to solar panels. The usual price for Solar Water Heaters ranges from $2 000-$6 000 and should be recouped within 2-3 years on average.

Take a closer look on the differences between the solar Panels and Solar Water Heater, with a short video from “FloridaEnergyCenter”. The more info the better and a visual on this complex subject is a plus!

In Conclusion

echo-go green-environmentThere’s so many more great ways to reduce your carbon footprint, many of which are tech-less and common knowledge. Improving your annual recurring energy costs is a massive benefit but it’s worth even more when you’re making a positive impact on the environment.

Of course some of the projects above are epic investment decisions to make and also some of them will take years before you see justification of your purchase. Remember that, there are lower cost options but if you go big, it will not be in vain.

Have you gone Green yet? How has it made an impact on your life?

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echo-go green-environment

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