5 Reno Treasures, Or Nightmares?

What you do not expect to find in renovations!

People all over the world are tearing floors, felling walls and adding new additions to their homes or buildings by doing renovations are so common. Everyone loves to add value to their property or simply to improve their living comfort.

In some cases, a renovation may be interrupted by unexpected results. However, in most situations, they are simply lost and found, enjoyable or funny treasures. But for some people, be the elements nightmares are made of.

Good or bad, everything is very shocking when you consider that only mold and dirt are whats expected. “One of these stories is Frebetoa’s!” 😉

#1-Does “finders keepers” apply to all situation?

This discovery of over 50 bottles and 42 demijohns of rare Madeira wine dating back as early as 1769 was found behind a wall by museum workers in New Jersey, in a locked wooden cage from the Prohibition-era.  This is a treasure that could be worth up to $20000 a “pop”! Which of course sadly for the workers, in this case discovery, “finders keepers” did not apply.

Video by “CBS Philly”

#2- GOLD What?

In this old house in 2016, this contractor had no idea that of it was hiding a rather interesting gem. Within the contract, this old 1920’s house needed some hard reno such as tearing up the floors. Only to discover that beneath the layers of tiles over tile was in the original floors, the inlay of a truly intriguing “gold fish”. The why this fish ended-up covered or even just the why it was put on a floor is baffling.

#3-Is it an animal?

In the month of January 2017, during the renovations of a home in Montreal, a disturbing discovery was made. At first glance the contractor thought it was an animal but when closely examined, it was determined that the find was the skeleton remains of a child. Shockingly wrapped in old newspapers with articles that mentioned Maurice Duplessis, which was the premier of Quebec, meaning that this mystery’s window of investigation will be between 1930’s to 1959. The homeowners were helpful to the investigator but also truly shocked, yet of course curious in knowing more of what the story behind this shocking find is. “The baby’s picture is linked to the news video.” 😉Mouth Nose Eyes Basket Hand Sleeping Baby

#4-A child’s best-friend or a grown men’s nightmare?

In Toronto demolition, knocking down the brick walls of this old house, the last thing he expected to see fall out was broken pieces of a doll. Even a grown men finds this creepy enough to share the pictures with us with this subject line “I’m having nightmares about this freakin thing now”. Psychology suggests that the reason behind Pediophobia (fear of dolls) is because of their “human-child-like-distorted-image” and they have been a massive part of pop-culture for horror movies. For just about any adult, this fear is present, ingrained in our subconscious rather then attached to logic.

#5-Need more space?

This story is truly awesome! Have you ever though of expanding your house by knocking down a wall? Well that’s what this men in Derinkuyu, Turkey did, but he ended up with way more room then he had anticipated. The shocking discovery of a tunnel leading to an 18 levels deep ancient underground city. This was back in 1963, the network of tunnels runs 60 meters deep and has large stones that could be rolled over the doors to protect it from invasion or to be used as bunker, in case of natural disasters.”One could certainly have a huge rave considering the space is large enough to hold up to an estimated 20 000 people!” ♪♫

Video by “RebezZedbagi” YouTube

We hope some of this inspires you in doing some renovations of your own or thinking of running out putting a sledge hammer thru your walls. You likely won’t find much but if you do, make sure to drop us a line and share with us your amazing find!

However, if doing renovation is on your mind, we do have other articles we’d love for you to check-out. Be sure to subscribe, hit the like button and share your thoughts below or comment on our Facebook page!

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