5 Basic D.I.Y. Tricks For A Small But Tremendous Impact


If you are to say home improvement, there are a few notable things you wanna save and put in consideration; Money, time and maybe even save lives. Those 5 things that you can do in and around your home that will make a small but tremendous impact on your life, others and the environment.

#1-Trick your toilet into saving water

In average, a regular neighborhood home will  reach up to 50% of it’s water usage just in the bathroom,  more then half of it by toilet flushing.  If you think you’re being spared by water crisis because your toilet is “waterWISE”, think again! They still use up to 1.65 quarts/flush,  now here’s the water saver trick. I’m sure lots of you know this one already, but you are maybe in doubt…don’t be, it works.

A small action with a tremendous impact

~Use any 1 liter plastic bottle (you’re recycling too), fill her up with water and place it into the tank(at the back will do). This way math & logic takes over, one liter in the bottle, one less per flush! It doesn’t seem like much at first, but think of how much water you’ll be saving over time. If you do not have a bottle, no sweat, simply use something that would take up considerable  volume, clear off of the toilet ability to flush and of course leaves enough water to flush effectively once. Obviously if you have to flush more then once to get something down, you can simply modify the volume by putting in less weight.

#2-Trick to fix your leaky faucets

In the long run, you will save money by saving water use and spare the environment, win-win!

There one thing homeowners need to know about leaky faucets is that it’s easy to fix it themselves.

   ~You can simply go to the home improvement center and get tools necessary to stop the leak and the instructions are right there on the package. So many homeowners who choose to do those fix themselves  will not only save money (no need for a plumber), also will save water and avoid the irritation and stress from a dripping faucet (don’t we all want that).

#3-The basics to loosen clogged drains

How to loosen clogged drains, one thing that is recommended to do that will keep it from ever clogging in the first place.

By using white vinegar, once a week, you’re saving money and sparing the environment for toxic draining chemicals.

~Inexpensive and chemical free, pour one cup of white vinegar down the shower drain, down the bathroom and kitchen sink once a week and it WILL help keeping your drains clean(and worth mentioning, smell free!)

#4-Trick to fix annoying squeaky door hinge

Does your house ever sound like an old castle? Have you ever tried playing a prank on someone but the door gave you away? Or, woke up the whole house when going to the bathroom at night, all yeses I’m sure!

home-improvement-DIY-tips-door hinges-
There’s simple ways to keep your doors from making your house sound like it haunted.

   ~No need to purchase WD-40, you can pop the hinge pin and put a little Vaseline on it then just put the hinge back in. It is a very easy repair but some hinge can be stubborn, in this case you can totally use spray oil used for cooking. Surround the hinge with a rag and carefully spray straight onto the squeaky part, and that’s it! You can now do a prank video without a spoiler!!

#5-Major trick to prevent you home from exploding

Exploding, yes that what I said, now this one tip is a pretty big one. Most home has a gas furnace and has a water heater, your water heater has a safety valve.Have you ever heard that occasionally a house would explode because the water heater explodes, it build up to much pressure. Of course a similar disaster can occur if you have a gas leak.

~Make sure you understand where the pressure valve is, most time located on top of the water heater and at reach so you can indeed do a test yourself. To test you can lift a little lever to ensure that it’s properly functional and that drains to align outside your house into a detectable location, so if you see water coming out that drain, that means the Pop-off valve has broken down and needs to be renewed. Better be safe then truly sorry!

~”Follow the smell” Luckily, natural gas has been given a scent, rotten eggs, making easy to know if a leak is occurring. If you detect that odor you might have a leak, the next thing you could try to do is take a mixture of soap like laundry detergent and a little bit of water and mix it together so it makes a bubbly solution. Using a common paintbrush or any kind of brush and rub that solution on the gas fittings that run to your furnace where you suspect the leak might be. If a leak is present it’ll create bubbles in that soapy solution that you’ve applied onto the pipe. If you see bubbles, found a leak, you want to turn your gas off and call a professional to come out and have that repaired.

Prevention is key, check your house for leaks and dysfunctional valves, it may save your life someday.

So to sum up, whenever you can apply these small changes and maintenance in and around your home, you will ultimately make a small change with a tremendous impact on your life, others and for the environment.

Here’s a couple videos that will blow you away!
Video from “ansaplumbing” Youtube

Video from “slow motion sneeze” Youtube

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