7 Timeless Viable Facts on Tile

There are many places on the web where you can educate yourself on tile, so here I thought of breaking down for you elements you should know!

Timeless architectural element in design.

World wide, tile plays an array of roles, exposing for over thousands of years its durability and flexibility. Tile validates to be one of the most practical building materials to its simplest modesty to the most divine.

Durable and viable

In architecture ceramic tile has been used since the ninth century BC. In the long term, this lasting material results in much less utilization of resources  lessening the environmental impact. Dissimilar to carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring which have to be systematically reinstalled. While  tiles  on the other end, when accurately installed, will last a lifetime.


Ceramic tile requires minute maintenance to keep neat and in good standard, unlike textiles and other organic materials. Achieved by using components and procedures that have a low cost and little environmental strike, lowering maintenance costs over its lifetime. Also, tile is simple to clean and highly scrape-resistant.

Energy saver

Compressed raw materials like sand, clay, and glass  are what ceramic tile is composed of. All easily recyclable, and as naturally inexhaustible  resources, produce a low environmental impact. Cooling because of its exceptional thermal mass, tile can reduce the consumption of energy needed for heating .


Highly resistant to weathering, ceramic tile are as impotent and unaffected by hazard of  fire, water, and even UV emissions. When exposed to high temperatures tile exude no toxic clemency substances , which in the event of a fire can become one of the main risks. Ceramic tile will never fade nor be affected by UV rays because of it’s natural minerals composite fired at over 2300 degrees F temperatures.


Horizontal or vertical surfaces, flat or curved, indoors or outdoors, in wet or dry areas, ceramic tile can be utilized. It can have materials and colors that absorb radiation to naturally regulate the temperature or have reflective surfaces to improve lighting. The tile versatility makes it a prime choice in commercial and residential flooring and wall coverings plans .


Considering that tile is fired in kilns to excessively high temperatures, there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the air we breathe from the finished product. A wide variety of health problems  attributed to VOCs , significantly the causing of “sick building syndrome.”  There are, in addition, adhesives and grouts accessible consisting of none, or very minor VOCs.

In summary, tiles a part of our daily lives and it possesses more value then what we think of at first glance.

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