Variety Comes Handy, Tile Art & Company

We are equipped to do large-scale projects, from simple tile layouts to intricate artistic detailing. 

What can we help you with?

Here we have summarized the different services and projects we are professionally capable to serve & help you with. This items on this list are linked to each individual project with added information for you about each of tho.

-Corporate logo tile floor inlay or plaque

-Family Crests mosaic inlay

-Custom walls/wall-hangings mosaics

-Mosaic tile table/counter tops

-Kitchen or bathroom back-splashes

-Flagstone pathways

Property maintenance, extended features

Frebetoa has the experience in tile materials of many kinds; mesh inlays, ceramic, porcelain, V.C.T., natural stones, your preference for renovations/decorations or innovating.

Just tell us, what’s your inspiration? Frebetoa Mosaics a your service, here to help you achieve it.

General cost for tiling commission

To give you an idea of how much it would costs to undergo a basic renovation or  a complete overhaul, we outlined how much you can expect to spend for the project you would like to undergo.

You are looking to tile your kitchen, washroom, lobby or any surfaces. In that case, you are considering porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, maybe a natural stone or a custom mosaic.

  1. With respect to material and labor, are your natural stone options at approximately $5.50 to $12 (or higher) per square foot material, added $10 a square foot for installation.
  2. Tiles like ceramic and porcelain will cost you roughly $3 to $8  a square foot, and likewise $6 a square foot in labor cost.
  3. Custom Mosaic Tiling are hand-crafted and the cost go from $100 per square foot up to $500. Taking in account how detailed your design and on how many colors are applied.



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